2016 Annual Report

Message from the Director

Winter, 2017

Dear Friends,

The Clemson Free Clinic provides a wide range of services for the medically underserved through professional volunteers, partnerships and collaborations in this community. Free Clinics are truly their community’s response to the health care needs in their area.  Our free clinic focuses mainly on providing quality free primary healthcare and pharmaceuticals.  Examples of additional services we are able to provide to patients include chronic disease care and management, laboratory and imaging services (off site), women’s healthcare, medication access through pharmaceuticals assistance programs, nutritional counseling, immunizations, referral services and diabetic self management education.

The continued engagement of volunteer providers and staff powers the mission of the free clinic. We are a community rich in social concerns.  The willingness of local volunteer providers and staff to offer care to our patients ensures that our healthcare resources are shared with our neighbors.  The Clemson Free Clinic is a compassionate, quality, and cost-efficient healthcare safety net organization.

Our patients can have as many as four or five different diagnosed conditions, often chronic, due to lack of access to care. Our pharmacy staff works closely with medical providers to monitor potential drug interactions and make sure medications are taken by all patients as directed.  All of this is done as a part of quality medication management and compliance for our patients.

As you know none of this work could be done without you our donors-244 individuals, 12 churches, 12 civic organizations and 16 corporations in 2016! Every $1 donated to a free clinic provides a minimum of $5 worth of healthcare services.  I like to remind donors that you stand beside us every night at clinic as you provide tangible evidence of our generous, caring community.

Warm wishes,

Sandra C. Smith, RN, MSN

Executive Director


Dr.  Harry Morse (left) and Dr. Byron Harder (right)
Co-founders of CFC

Dr. Glen Quattlebaum.
Medical Director

Dr. Glen Quattlebaum, Medical Director
Dr. Doug Gentry
Dr. David Liebman
Dr. Renee Monaghan
Dr. Harry Morse
Dr. Kenny Jackson
Dr. Len Reeves
Dr. Jerry Sherrill
Dr. Ted Swann
Angela Hayden, ANP, BC
Jenny Leonard, MS, APRN
Linda Rettew, FNP
Katie Stone, PAC

Nancy Allen, RN
Becky Edge, RN
Regina Reese, RN
Judy Surak, RN
Martha Williams, RN
Kay Wilson, RN

Judy Surak, RN

Karen Balcerzak, RPh, PIC
Misty Johnson, RPh
Harriet McGowan
Tammy Parker, CPhT
Asia Johnson, PhT
Danielle Opinante, PhT

Dr. Elizabeth Kunkle

Marcia Barrett
Janna McKale
Lucy Rollin
Pam Waddle
Boo Wilson

Alpha Epsilon Delta
AnMed Health
AnMed Clemson Care Connect
BCBS of SC Foundation
Blue Ridge Orthopaedics
Blue Ridge Surgical & Pain Clinic
Clemson Arts Center
Clemson Community Care
Clemson First Baptist Church
Clemson United Methodist Church
Clemson Sports Medicine & Rehab
Clemson University Student Volunteers
Dr. Gus Gustafson
Dr. Mary Frances Knapp
Dr. John McRoberts
Dr. John Ross
EXCEL Rehabilitation and Sports Enhancement
Foothills Community Health Care
Fort Hill Presbyterian Church
Greenville Health System/Oconee Memorial Hospital
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Hubbard-Young Pharmacy
Joseph F. Sullivan Center
Mountain Lakes Access Health
Mountainview Medical Imaging
National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics
South Carolina Free Clinic Association
South Carolina Department of Health Human Services
St. Andrews Catholic Church
The City of Clemson
University Lutheran Church

2016-2017 Board of Directors
Tim Moore, Chair
JJ Thomas, Vice-Chair
Dustin Foxworth, Treasurer
Martha Williams, RN, Secretary (2017)
Rev. Suz Cate (2017)
Terry Clark, MD
Sheryl Donovan (2016)
Cary Kaye (2016)
Ryan MacRae, DDS
March Maguire
Jana McKale
Ruthie Millar
Lucy Rollin (2016)
Kathy Sparks
Kay Wilson, RN
Reno Wilson

Glen Quattlebaum, MD, MPH, Medical Director
Karen Balcerzak, RPh, PIC Pharmacist
Byron Harder, MD, Consulting Physician
Harry Morse, MD, Consulting Physician
Sandy Smith, RN, MSN, Executive Director

The Year in Review

The Clemson Free Clinic filled 4,526 prescriptions through our pharmacy in 2016.

in 2016 there were 451 patient/provider visits, 45 patients referred for specialty care,
14 dental referrals, 34 nutritionist visits, and 26 patients enrolled in Prescription Assistance Programs for medications too expensive to stock in our pharmacy.

Every $1 donated to a free clinic provides a minimum of $5 worth of health care services.
Source: National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, 2016.

Our Mission

Clemson Free Clinic’s Mission is to provide free quality medical care and pharmaceuticals with compassion and dignity to individuals between the ages of 12 and 64:
•          Who are not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or any other health insurance.
•          Who are residents of Clemson, Central, Six Mile and Pendleton, South Carolina.
•          Whose household income is at or below the Federal Poverty Level.

Hours of Operation:
Patient Eligibility Monday 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Clinic Evening Hours Wednesday 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Contact Us:
P.O. Box 941 1200 Tiger Blvd.
Clemson, SC 29633
Phone: 864-654-8277
Fax: 864-654-8907